Why Buy for Others on Your Trip?
Making money to recover trip expenses is obvious, but don’t forget you may also enjoy
bulk discounts or other shopping benefits when you buy for others.
Make Money
Easy to Buy
Bulk Discounts
Major Margin for You to Earn
When you buy directly from the good’s origin and ship with your free baggage space, even with the premium you charge for buying on behalf, Wanters will still want to buy from you as the price is much cheaper than getting the goods shipped abroad or buying them from local merchants after hefty markups. The more you buy per trip, the more you earn.
Buy Everything in One Go
Let’s say you’re going to Hawaii for vacation. If you’ve never been there, it’ll be hard for you find and buy things back. However, you can always help people from Hawaii buy goods from your hometown and deliver goods on your way there. You can even offer to help multiple buyers buy the same item so you can one stop shop.
Bulk Discounts & Shopping Benefits
If you’re planning to buy something from a store and if you can pool in more Wanters to buy the same thing or from the same store through travoBUY, you can potentially earn bulk discounts or enjoy exclusive benefits or gifts.