How travoBUY works
Connecting you with thousands of travoBuyers worldwide and they can help you
buy and bring back anything, using their free baggage space, when they fly to your location.
Demo Video - How to Buy?
Use our search function to find
anything you want to buy from
any country in this world.
We'll give you a list of travellers who
will be flying form the location of
where your item is. Appoint one of
them to be your travoBuyer so they
can buy and deliver the item to you.
Securely pay for the item with any credit card
or PayPal. Your travoBuyer will buy the item
and deliver to you directly. We will not release
the funds to your travoBuyer
unitl you receive the item.

Example of a Wanter buying an item
Annie lives in Chicago
and wants to get a couple of bottles of delicious
Canadian maple syrup. After checking local
stores, she realized they're way too expensive
compared to when she first got them in Canada.
She then serched some Canadian online
retailers but was shocked with the high shipping
Annie searched on travoBUY
and found a couple of Canadian travellers who
will be making a trip to Chicago in a week.
They're offering to help people in Chicago buy
and deliver Canadian maple syrup.
Annie appoints Bob to be her travoBuyer
Annie compared the ratings and feedback of the
Canadian travellers and decided to appoint Bob
to be her travoBuyer.
Annie securely pays with credit card or PayPal
After confirming delivery details with Bob, Annie
first pays for the syrups with her credit card or PayPal. TravoBUY will
hold the payment and will not release funds to Bob
until Annie confirms to have received the item.
Bob the travoBuyer buys and delivers
Bob buys the Canadian maple syrups in
Vancouver and delivers them to Annie during his
trip to Chicago.
Annie gets the syrups, Bob gets paid
After Annie confirms to have received the maple
syrups from Bob, travoBUY releases the funds to
Bob the travoBuyer.